Cute little Cubans...(Cuban Sandwiches)

...make me VERY happy. A Cuban sandwich is my favorite sandwich around so this weekend I got to work and figured out their points value. Not a huge under taking but important none the less, seeing is how this blogging adventure is all about taking the time to know exactly what I'm chomping on. Now, this is not what most would call a real live Cuban sandwich but it works for me. It's simple really...turkey, ham, swiss, pickles, mustard, and some bread. When you break everything down, this is how it works.

3 slices of turkey (.5 point)
3 slices of ham (.5 point)
1 slice of Swiss cheese (2 points)
mustard (free!)
pickles (free! Oh yeah!)
Wheat Hogie bun (4 points)

Stack everything up then press it in the panini machine. Or put it in a pan and put a brick on top to smush it down. Whatever you fancy!

This adds up to a grand total of 7 points. I am planning on doing more research to find a hogie bun that is less points, as well as a reduced fat cheese. But, alas, I live and shop in Greenwood and our aisles aren't always pouring with options. Such is life.
To me, this seemed like a lot of points for a sandwich. Let me say this...very worth it. I had this for lunch and stayed full through out the afternoon.

On the social end of things, I went to a Saints Par-tay at my friends the Seabergh's house. As always, the food was knockout (Jambalaya and a warm and creamy bacon dip -not WW but amazing) and the energy was even better. Lots of jumping up and down and pointing at the TV. Good times.

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