Heading West!

To Greenville, that is. We spent the weekend living it up for Leah and Judson's Stock the Bar Party. I think that as a group of friends, we often forget that we are not 19 anymore - I can feel the late night in my bones. Ok - that's maybe a little dramatic, but I am tired and using it as a good excuse to not leave the couch. The weekend kicked off with Lindsey and Gringo coming to visit Friday night. I was really only using her for her SUV. Kidding. We had wonderful intentions to get up early Saturday morning and head to Greenville to prepare for the event. However, to our dismay, Lindsey's back hatch was frozen shut and totally not coming open. We rearranged in the freezing cold and were able to cram in several McCarty serving pieces, a fire pit, a galvanized bucket, a (large) golden retriever, an assortment of cheeses, a fruit tray, and some wine glasses into the car. There were also computer speakers, a large umbrella, and more cute dresses than you could shake a stick at. None of this has anything to do with anything other than this cute picture of Grings. I just wanted a chance to post it.

The Stock the Bar was a HIT. I think its always successful when a dance party breaks out at your Mom's house.
To bad WW friendly apps don't commonly star at a Stock the Bar Party. To be fair, we did have fresh fruit and asparagus. But if you think that's all I ate, then you're crazy. I've never been able to stand up to a corn dip...the corn dip usually wins. And we are not even going to talk about Pasqualie's. But we can talk about planning for the week. I've got a very busy one up ahead, so it's important (especially after the weekend I just had) that I stay on track. Stay tuned for yummy meat loaf and quesadillas and possibly more enlightening stories from the road. Yes, friends, I will be returning to the "Planned City" this Tuesday and Wednesday. Jealous?

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