Oh, Amory.

I'm just not used to having this much time on my hands. Such is the life of the traveling therapist. Here are some interesting facts about this little jewel of a town.
1. It is 2.5 hours away from EVERYWHERE.
2. It is home to a large stray cat population, most of which have taken up residence in an abandoned building right next to the Best Western. Or the Worst Western. Jury is still out.
3. It is a dry county. However. The restaurants still have bars in them? Like big, nice wooden bars with huge clear bottles of colored liquid in them. I inquired about this strange phenomenon tonight at the Oasis (its where European cuisine becomes paradise or something like that) and our waitress just grinned. I declare shenanigans.
4. There are more hair salons and auto parts stores than I have ever seen. Why is this?
5. The Amory website reads as follows: "Amory - A Planned City." What does that even mean?
I have so many questions. What I don't have a lot of though is WW points left for the day. In fact - pretty sure I've dipped on into that 30 point reserve for the week that I try to ignore. Phooey on you, traveling for work. It has always been so hard for me to stay on track when traveling. And exercise? Whatever! I am choosing to ignore the exercise room that the hotel offers out of fear that there will be a cat hiding under the treadmill. What's cool though is that tomorrow is a new day. And I shall rock it. And I shall also rock the new Patty Griffin CD.


  1. you know we would love for you to stay with us again :) it's only 45 minutes away...

  2. Absolutely. Hilarious. And, I heart Patty. She is awesome!