That is me centering. Keeping calm and carrying on...into another week, that is. As a member of the helping profession, I am always working to stay calm, take care of myself while at the same time being available for the people that I work with. Not always the easiest thing to do. Work has been a bit hectic lately, with all of the traveling to and fro. However, I remain eternally grateful to have found a profession and a job that makes me feel so fulfilled, so a part of something bigger than myself. It is weeks like this that I have to remember what it is that I do, which is help people to get through rough patches, while at the same time gaining skills that will help them later in life. This poster is one that I recently ordered from this Etsy store and it has just made me so happy. It has also reminded me of the basics of coping - center, walk through the issue, carry on. Don't make mole hills into mountains, eat a whale one bite at a time, use what works, and so on. Since this is a WW blog, I feel like I should mention that stress is one of my huge food triggers. Having a bad day at work? Perfect excuse to eat a cheeseburger. Lot's of stuff going on? Sure, skip that work out. I have had to remind myself to stay on track and do what I know works - because all losing weight really is is taking care of yourself. If anyone else out there is looking at a grizzly bear of a week - keep calm and carry on. And order this poster and put it in your kitchen - it helps.
Another thing that helps - a hobby. I have been sewing a lot over the last week and it has helped me to relax and shake the day off. This little number hanging on the door knob is something that Mary Neff sent to me. I'm still quite the beginner and it felt good to be able to whip up something pretty in a short amount of time. The dishtowel is from the Viking Store here in Greenwood, the strap is a pair of old scrub pants that did not fit anymore. One must be very resourceful when living in Greenwood. Naturally, the pretty plastic bag organizer was given to Mary Neff to hang in her kitchen. Here's hoping the fact that I didn't know how to back stitch yet won't affect it to much.
I don't have a recipe today, but I do have a great go to meal idea. This soup is something that I found at Wal - Mart. I really like the roasted red pepper and tomato. It's nice and creamy and only 2 points for 1 cup. I try to keep it on hand and pair it with a grilled cheese (1 point for two slices of wheat bread, 1 point for one slice of cheese) for a quick, comforting, low point meal. I needed a low point meal after lunch today - I tried my hand at a Valentine's Day brunch for me and Brandon. It's probably a good thing I burned the candied bacon. I do, however, still have 16 pounds of coffee cake that I need to find something to do with.
Since Brandon is working tonight, I'm spending my Valentine's Eve watching strange sports on TV, doing laundry, and having a picnic in the den. Please notice the rose - it was presented to me last night while walking out of Vince's in Leland. Gotta love a stranger in a red sport coat giving you flowers....

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