A Slightly Different 'Dilla (Turkey and Cheese Dillas)

Today was such a lovely day. So relaxing, so not rushed, so pretty outside. I loved it. I went to sewing lessons, finished my tote bag, purchased some fabric, wandered around my house, and ended it with a quick, easy, point friendly meal. Nothing complicated at all but I figured I would share. So i have about 37 corn tortillas in my pantry. Seriously - why must so many come in a package? Anyway. I also had spinach, turkey, and cheese. So why not put them all together for supper? Exactly. So that is what I did! And here is how it breaks down, point wise.
Turkey and Cheese 'Dillas
2 corn tortillas
1 serving of turkey (thinly sliced)
1/4 cup WW Mexican blend shredded cheese
fresh spinach
Put turkey, cheese, spinach between the two corn tortillas. Heat in a small skillet until the cheese melts.
Serving size 1 'dilla
WW points 4

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The above montage is of today's adventures in creativity. Top left: my new bulletin board in the sewing room (thanks Brandon!) Bottom left: curtains for the kitchen. Middle: stack 'o fabric (please note the pink seersucker). Right: a fully lined tote bag.
I'm not sure why this post is all centered. I'm usually more of a left-aligned kind of gal.

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