Dabbling (Veggie Burrito)

I absolutely love that word. Dabbling. I often dabble in life. I think it's fun. What I don't dabble in, however, is my love of a drink. Not like an adult beverage, but a sugary drink throughout the day. I love a coke heavy. I love cocoa. I love anything to drink that is laden with calories. I must admit, when first starting the WW it was hard to give up the "empty calorie" drinks (as my mom would call them) and drink only water. Sure, water is great. It's done wonders for my face. It's great to feel all hydrated. But sometimes, just sometimes, I need something more. Enter my WW lifesaver: kool aid. Yes. Regular old kool aid (with splenda). Craving a little something sweet? Enter a tall, cool glass of black cherry kool aid. Is it as good as cheesecake? No. Does it get me through the craving? Most of the time. Summer's right round the corner - buy kool aid.
Speaking of dabbling, I played around with being a vegetarian today. It was fun. Refreshing. But not something I could get behind on a daily basis. Kind of like wearing heels. I wrapped up my vegetarian dabbling day with a veggie burrito. It's not really a recipe, more like a list of ingredients found in the most recent WW magazine. It's pretty obvious, but good. It was great to do for one, I chopped up the veggies and have them sitting in the fridge waiting for tomorrow night. Warning - it's a tad messy to eat. Or at least it was for me, I have no idea how to do that neat little burrito fold thing. To be on the safe side, I would not eat this in any outfit that requires dry cleaning.

Veggie Burrito

from Weight Watchers Magazine

1/2 tsp olive oil
1/2 cup onion (sliced)
1/2 cup green bell pepper (sliced)
1/2 cup spinach
1 oz reduced fat mozzarella cheese
3 tbl salsa
1 whole wheat tortilla

Saute onion and green bell pepper in olive oil. When the onion and bell pepper start getting soft, add spinach and let it wilt.
Meanwhile, combine cheese and salsa in a small bowl. Place onion, spinach, and bell pepper in tortilla. Top with salsa mixture.

Serving size 1
WW points 4

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  1. I am so with you on the drinks! I gave up soda for Lent and it is horrible! I was over water and lemonaid on day two! I like the Kool-aid idea; I had totally forgotten about that option! Thank you for giving my Lent a bit of sunshine!