I'm amazed! (Honey BBQ Chicken Sandwiches)

I spend a lot of my time being amazed. Like mouth hanging open, totally shocked, amazed. I love that feeling. Here are just a few of the things that have me amazed today.
1. I'm amazed by the fact that plants grow, regardless of what you do with them. Took a few blurry pictures of what I have growing, just for examples. Please allow me to introduce (starting at top right, going clockwise) Blueberry Bush, Hydrangea, Mini Roses, and Clematis. The blueberry bush was planted last year. It was full of blueberries - all of which either fell off or were eaten by birds. Hoping for a good harvest this year. The hydrangea should be filled with huge, white blooms. Absolutely lovely. Last year, they spend most of the time lying flat on the mulch after a heavy rain. Hoping for stronger stalks this year. Brandon planted the miniature roses right after we started dating - claiming that I would now have roses any time i want them. Awwwww. People keep saying that at some time, you have to start doing something with roses. I continue to ignore them, other than snipping off the flowers for mini vases in the window. Hoping that lasts a while. And finally - clematis. This is actually clematis II, clematis I lost a battle with a weed eater last summer. I just knew it wasn't coming back - seeing as how all winter it was just a twig sticking out of the ground. But ah ha! Blooms! So exciting. Again - I'm amazed.
2. I'm amazed at how much my mood is affected by the weather. This morning - it was so nasty. Cold, rainy, no fun. I had to go home at lunch and change into my tennis shoes. Let's take a second to think about how attractive that was with black jeans and a grey sweater. Moving on. But now - the sun is out! I'm so much happier.
3. I'm amazed at how much of my Sunday i spent yesterday watching "16 and Pregnant." I just can't turn away from it. I guess that is something that amazed me yesterday but the amazement has continued on into today.
4. I'm amazed at how much easier a rotisserie chicken from the County Market Place makes dinner. Even though I still hate messing with chicken - it's so much easier when it's already cooked. I wonder what Jamie Oliver thinks about rotisserie chickens?
5. I'm amazed that "Jane Says" is still one of my favorite songs ever. You would think it would get old, but no.
6. I'm amazed at how my poor, broke down camera continues to take pictures. Are they good pictures? No. Am I in the market for a new camera? Yes.

7. That I continue to watch Hoarders even though it almost makes me sick.
8. My final amazement for the day has been about the new recipe I tried out. It came in a packet from WW - a promotion for a new cookbook they are selling. I usually stay away from offers like this. Anyone remember BMG or Columbia House? I would always sign up, claiming to my mom that I would send the cards back in time. But of course I didn't and I would always end up with the most random cds. What 14 year old girl doesn't want Don Henley's greatest hits!? After a week of agonizing I finally mailed the card in today. The pictures of the recipes - they were just so pretty! To bad you can't get grouper in Greenwood. Anywho - glad I sent it in. If this preview is anything like the actual cookbook - it's on. Super easy, super tasty - enjoy!

Honey BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

1 (10 oz) package of angel hair coleslaw
1/3 cup coleslaw dressing
6 light wheat hamburger buns
3 cups shredded, roasted chicken (enter rotisserie chicken from County Market Place)
6 tbl honey BBQ sauce

Combine coleslaw and dressing in a bowl, tossing well. Let stand for about 10 minutes.
Top the bottom of each bun with 1/2 cup of chicken, 1 tbl BBQ sauce, and 1/2 cup of coleslaw mixture. Place top of bun atop coleslaw mixture. Serve immediately.

Serving size 1 sandwich
WW points 7

I have high hopes for this as a left over lunch meal.
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  1. I am amazed by 16 and Pregnant and the grocery store chicken as well. However, Intervention sucks me in more than Hoarders.

  2. I spend a lot of time being amazed at things. And rotisserie chickens are at the top of that list.