In a Pinch

Frozen meals are good - in a pinch. Or in a non-pinch. Many days at work - it's completely unrealistic to think I will get a lunch break before 3pm. On those days - it's wonderful to be able to pull something out of our tiny dorm refrigerator and eat on the go.
Now yes, frozen meals are not the BEST thing in the world for you...they have quite a large amount of sodium and have very strange words in the ingredient list. But let's face it - I cook with egg substitute sometimes. I'm not bothered. I will rock a lean cuisine, a healthy choice, and on a really exciting day - a Kashi. Kashi's advertising makes me feel like I'm being extremely healthy and could go on a really hip hiking expedition after eating them. Not to mention they are good. Usually I don't get Kashi's at the store, the can be a little high. But this morning, there was a "use it instantly" coupon on the box. $1.50 off - heck yeah! I got the Tuscan Veggie Bake (pictured above) and had it for lunch. Yum. It's my new favorite. I just ate it, so obviously I'm still full, but I'm hoping it will keep me full for a while. This particular Kashi is 5 WW points.
I am glad I had a light meal for lunch....
Mary Neff's 2nd Annual Birthday Catfish Fry Bonanza is this afternoon. And if you think that WW keeps me from eating catfish - you crazy.

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