Highlights (Hawaiian Pizza)

This weekend was great. Nothing like a good weekend back home, coming together to celebrate something cool. Although short, it was packed with many a highlight. Let's discuss...

1. Pedicures. Friday afternoon, after the bridesmaid's luncheon, my two friends Anna and Nikki and I went out in search of a mani/pedi. This is something that I totally should have taken care of in Greenwood, considering that the Alluvian spa is here AND I had a free mani/pedi there - but last week was busy so oh well. We were totally shot down on our first try - one nail lady never got up from the couch to help us (she was napping, i guess), the other one said "I have someone at two!" more times than necessary and never made eye contact. They recommended we go to the mall. I, however, said let's not do the mall - let's go by Kroger. Yes, Leah said don't go there, no I didn't listen. I'm still recovering from the trauma from this so I won't go into detail. However it is worth mentioning the following information: the bubbles in my foot bubble bath were created by a few squirts of Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash; the man used a cheese grater on my heels, the women in charge of nails had fried rice on her shirt, and it cost me 30$. Oh - and it was chipped an hour later.

2. Beauty. One very cool thing about the weekend was getting my hair did. Leah brought in the folks from the Checkered Flag in - i must admit I was a little nervous at first. However, it turned out lovely. My personal favorite was this exchange between me and Deena.

LM (stunned): Wow! I have never had this much volume in my entire life!

Deena: Girl. You have no idea how big I could make your hair! Seriously.

I spent the next few minutes dreaming of big hair and seriously considering a late afternoon drive back to Leland to see just how big my hair could get. This weekend was also the weekend that I discovered a love of coral lipstick. More on that later. Hair and lipstick pictured above.

3. The Big Show. The wedding of Leah and Judson was the reason for heading to the 'Ville this weekend. I cannot say enough about it. It was absolutely beautiful - from ceremony to food to music to flowers - it was all fantastic. Leah was a beautiful bride, Judson a handsome groom. May they have many many many happy years! Aside from getting Leah and Judson married off, the weekend was also great chance to get to spend time with friends. I have amazing friends, i cherrish the moments we have together. Hopefully more pictures to follow. Unfortunately most of them are still on my mom's camera in Greenville.

In closing - here is a recipe. I've been spending time on the WW Message Boards (nerd alert) and someone mentioned making this. It was very easy and quite good. Nothing like some pizza to kick off the week.

Hawaiian Pizza

1 can pizza dough ( I used Pillsbury classic crust)
1/2 cup light spaghetti sauce
1 cup fresh pineapple
30 turkey pepperonis
1 1/2 cup part skim monzerella

Preheat oven according to directions on pizza dough.

Spread out pizza dough on cookie sheet. Spread sauce evenly on pizza dough. Place turkey ronis atop the sauce, then pineapple. Sprinkle cheese evenly atop the pizza.

Cook according to package directions (I cooked mine at 425 for about 13 minutes). Allow to set for a few minutes after cooking. Divide into six pieces.

Serving size 1 piece
WW Points 5

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