Sweet Reunion

Happy Easter to all! I've had a lovely holiday. I attended not one, not two, but THREE church services (whew!) and got to see a gaggle of family that I just don't see enough. Here are just a few pictures of the weekend. My favorite one is the last one. Jen and BJ were in Washington DC over the holiday - I took Alex to meet them in Carrolton for a baby trade. She was more than fired up to see mom and dad and I think this is just the cutest picture.
No recipes today. My step-mom informed me up front that Easter lunch was in fact, not, a WW friendly meal. I had already figured it out, seeing as how there was mac and cheese, asparagus casserole, and iced brownies. We did sit outside and sweat a little, so maybe some calories were burned? Guess I'll be shreddin' it tomorrow. Twice.
I guess it is worth mentioning that I'll be having leftover pork tenderloin for supper. When I informed my dad that I would be taking some stuffed eggs with me (for Brandon, of course) he also loaded me up with a pound of pork tenderloin. Simple and delish! Thanks dad! Pork tenderloin is pretty good for WW - 3 oz for 3 points. Happy week! Hope everyone has a good one!
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  1. you should also point out that alex is wearing the outfit from the post below.... it is soooo cute!!