Telling on Myself


A Dr. Pepper heavy a 4 am
1 (rather large) cranberry muffin
A vegetable plate consisting of green beans, cabbage, macaroni and cheese
A Coke heavy
1 package of peanut M&Ms
3 peanut butter and cheese nabs

That was me stress eating. This is me holding myself accountable for said stress eating.

I confess.

After all the months of point counting, not to mention the several years spent working to hone my craft of therapy, I still get EXTREMELY rattled with stressful situations. My first instinct is usually to eat. I have been in the hospital all day and most of the night with Brandon. Nasty case of the appendicitis. He had surgery this morning and is doing much better now.

But still.

It's a hospital. And someone that I care about deeply is in pain. And this chair is uncomfortable.

So I eat.

So I'm working to do something constructive to keep myself from wandering back up to the fifth floor (to the vending machine). I decided I would tell on myself. Then I'm going to research WW Comfort Food Recipes.

Tomorrow is always another day. There's an old saying that says you will keep experiencing the same situation over and over again until you learn what you are supposed to learn. I must admit, when the doctor came into Brandon's room this morning and said "You're the lucky guy! It's appendicitis!" I looked at him strange, immediately created the worst possible situation in my mind, and muttered some unfriendly words under my breath. Then he looked at me and said "Hey - this could be so much worse." Dang. I hate it when complete strangers totally call me out. When I can get my head around it, perspective helps me more than anything. When I can't get my head around perspective, tis not a pretty thing.

Keep calm and carry on.

Does anyone else act nutty when they get stressed?

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