Is anyone else so fired up that it's Friday? I know I am. It's cloudy and rainy here in Ruleville which is leading to a lot of random Internet surfing. Internet surfing, for me, always leads to a case of the wants. I have already purchased a new swimsuit from Wal - Mart (inspired by this adorable post) and am toying with the idea of running to Cleveland this afternoon to try on a pair of jeggings that I can't stop thinking about. This is what I'll usually do when thinking about a clothing purchase. I'll stalk it out, try to put together as many outfit combinations as I can, then I'll finally buy the piece. But jeggings? I don't know, now. I'll need several new tunics and possibly a new pair of flats. Please - someone take me shopping and make these difficult decisions for me.

Moving on through my list of wants...new music! My ipod is (no lie) five years old. A lot of my music on the i-tunes is also that old. I'm bad to get into a music slump, throw my hands up, and just listen to NPR for 6 weeks straight. However. My goal for this weekend is to make a mix CD (full of new T.I. I might add) and purchase the new Black Keys album, as well as the Sleigh Bells LP. I feel so hip when i use words like "LP."

In food news....Earth Grains Thin Buns are my new thing. I realized middle of the week that if I ate one more Lean Cuisine I would have a complete and total melt down. So i told myself that I would just have a Morning Star Farms black bean burger (2 points) for lunch one day. That's pretty crazy town. Me and my ravenous appetite needed more. Thankfully, a co worker had picked up a bag of thin buns and was gracious enough to share one (as well as a slice of fat free cheese). The thin bun was 1 point, the burger was 2, the cheese was 1. All in all, a very satisfying 4 point meal. Mmmmmmmm.

That is all. Happy Friday!

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