Identifying Support

No recipes today. I'm in the middle of memorial day weekend and preparing to go to a cookout - it's not going to be very WWish and I would feel like a sham if I even acted like I was eating on the plan today. I will, however, give it my best effort to be aware of portions.

That being said...let's discuss support. I have been lucky enough to score a really cool part time gig in the last few months. I am working as the behaviorist for a weight loss program here in town. My job is to lead educational groups aimed at exploring the emotional side of eating / weight loss. I have really enjoyed it and have been re-introduced to some ideas that I often forget about. Things like managing stress, identifying triggers that make you eat, and being aware of your support systems. A few weeks ago, the topic was support. Support is key when making any type of life change - I've found it to be especially helpful with loosing weight. With tomorrow being Memorial Day, I'm filled with all kinds of gratitude for all kinds of things (example - living in country where I have enough food to eat that it made me have to start WW). I'd like to take a minute to holla' at a few of my main supports.

1. My family. I have a pretty cool family and they have all been extremely supportive of me. My mom, who has ALWAYS told me that I was beautiful no matter what, has been nothing short of ecstatic with my weight loss. I'm lucky...she has never been overbearing and guilted me into doing anything and she purchased me many cute outfits when none of my clothes fit any more. Thanks mom! Can't forget about dad. Whenever I'm in Greenville for Sunday lunch - he always makes sure that he picks up some grilled KFC and green beans in addition to the bucket 'o fried chicken. Sometimes i really want that friend chicken, but in the end I'm always glad that he is interested enough in my success to bring along some grilled. My sisters - Jennifer and Chick - are a natural support system. Jennifer is a huge support of the blog and is a big sharer of recipes and tryer of the ones that I post. Chick says things like "You look hot, Minya" and other uplifting things that make me want to keep going. She is also a big supporter of the blog - sharing recipes and the like . MaryStraton, my cousins wife, good friend, and fellow blogger is quite possibly the queen of the WW. When I first started the plan, she patiently responded to all 47 panic stricken emails I sent her when I had absolutely no clue what to put in my mouth. Thanks, girl. Like I said - all of my family is a HUGE support and I am thankful for every single one of them! Love to you all!

2. My Friends. Just like my family, my friends are pretty cool as well. Before I lost weight - I constantly wanted to throw a double cheese burger at Lindsey. The girl is more motivated to exercise than anyone I've ever seen and will randomly do Pilates moves while she's talking to. After I started loosing weight, and still to this day, she has been one of my biggest motivators by constantly working to inflate my self esteem. She's a squealer, and while it sometimes makes my ears ring, it makes me feel great when she says, no...squeals, that she thinks I look good. It still freaks me out a little, which of course she realizes. She's also queen spell checker. Thanks, ghi. Win, who has been my close friend since out St. James days, is another big sharer of recipes and encouragement. She's a great person to vent to when I really want to skip my weigh in. Again, thanks ghi. Again like family, there are many other amazingly supportive and beautiful friends that I have that have made this all so much easier.

3. My man. I'm pretty luck to have Brandon. He has always told me that he thought I was perfect no matter how big or small (perfect - that's a stretch) i was. He has suffered through removing butter and beef from most recipes and from my constant whining in the beginning about how i was pretty sure that I was going to starve to death. Thanks, B.

So there it is, my list of support. Writing this reminds me again of how lucky I am to have support. Do you have support? For whatever you're trying to do in life? I hope you do. It can help to identify them specifically and exactly how they help you. I hope this blog supports you...I know it has been a support to me. Keeps me in line. Sometimes it has a very big brother effect on me and I think that if I cheat, the entire world wide web will see it and shake their heads in disappointment. That's strange, isn't it? Whatever...it helps.

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout ghi...I feel so honored!! I would like to point out that each and every one of my squeals are heartfelt and genuine...I am soooo very proud of you and that rockin new bod (among many other things).

    One last comment that I just can't let go. Its "losing" not "loosing". Too bad WW can't teach you how to spell......