Snack Attack (Cream Cheese with Pepper Jelly)

I love a snack. My day is neatly sectioned up into snack times - my 3 o'clock Wasa cracker with Laughing Cow cheese has become somewhat of a tradition. And a Fiber One 90 calorie bar? That's my mid-morning snack.

How happy I was when my co - worker Susan introduced me to a new snack idea. It's kind of fancy, reminds me of a party. It also doesn't photograph well, which I blame on it being fancy, almost aloof. I might have mentioned this in the past but I enjoy a snack that is somewhat involved - especially if I'm snacking at home. I feel more satisfied when I can sit down with a plate and take a minute to enjoy it.

Here's how it goes: 1 oz WW cream cheese, 1/2 tbl pepper jelly, 5 whole wheat saltines. This little jewel comes out to be 2 points total and quite satisfying. A word on the WW cream cheese...I'm sure it's pretty much the same as reduced fat cream cheese. However, the block is sectioned off into nice and tidy 1 point serving sizes so there is never any question about how much you can have. It's also tasty, which is always a good thing.

Three cheers for Friday.

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