Sometimes you're the windshield...

....sometimes you're the bug. Mary Chapin Carpenter was right, friends. Not everything you try will have good results. Enter: tonight's supper. I had such high hopes. It had all of the ingredients to make a great meal. Cheese, rice, onions, turkey sausage. Delightful. Or not.
One of the downfalls to meal planning is if you go buy a ton of stuff at the grocery store...you have to use it. You should also make sure that you have enough of said purchased ingredients to actually make your meal. I had a feeling it wasn't going to work. I planned on making it last week but something came up. Then I planned on making it last night and we were invited to dinner - which was honestly way more enticing than slaving in the kitchen. Anyway - it was bad. I didn't even finish cooking it. First of all, I accidentally used quick cooking rice instead of long grain, old school rice. That wasn't all that shocking considering that I have successfully cooked rice maybe once in my life. Second - the baking dish was waaaay to crowded. There is no way it was going to cook without going all over the oven. Third, aka the nail in the coffin, was when I pulled out my turkey sausage and realized it was a week out from being expired and more than a little funky looking. At this point - I turned the stove off and left the house. And ate pizza for supper. Eeek. Not cool but whatever. I'll dust Jillian off in the morning and work it off.
I'm sure the blog world is sitting on the edge of their respective seats to know what I almost had for dinner. Here it is. If you try it - let me know how it was. I'm sure it would have been lovely. I will do better this week....i've been been slackin' on my cooking and I can definitely tell a difference. On with the recipe hunt.

But before that...here are a few random things I'm excited about.

1. Zippers and button holes. Yawn inducing to some, pure excitement to me. The adorable fabric store in Cleveland, Ella Rose, is offering a fantastic lineup of quick summer classes. I'm excited to master the art of zippers and button holes. I've made button holes before but they kind of look like they were made by a two year old. As far as zippers go, I was totally ready to leave my sewing class by the time they got around to that lesson. I informed my teacher that I could just teach myself how to install a zipper with the help of a youtube video and was on my way. Not quite. Hence the lesson.

2. World Cup Soccer. Huh? Yeah - really. It's mine and Brandon's first World Cup together and who knew they guy was so into soccer. I think it's more that he is just into sports in general but either way - the excitement is contagious. Here is a commercial that makes me happy. I do love the emotional side of a world wide sporting event. I get very attached to the Olympics every year. I felt the same way about the commercial that played a few years back that had LaDainian Tomlinson and Troy Polamalu as kids. Am i really discussing sports on the WW blog? Yes. Yes I am. Because I had a food failure.

3. A summer full of class reunions. Brandon's CTA reunion this weekend, my WS reunion in August. Where does the time go? I must get to work on a mix CD full of Matchbox 20 and Goo Goo Dolls.

I'm off to hunt for recipes. Something new and exciting. Something that I will WANT to cook instead of continuously push back to the next night. Wish me luck...

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