No recipes to speak of today. I had a repeat meal last night. It was chicken delight and it was Brandon's request. Bless his heart. It doesn't really matter if he likes something or not - usually we're never having it again. That's just how I roll - just too many recipes out there to try. But chicken delight is delightful, and the boy is good to me, so there you go.

Instead of sharing recipes, I figured I would share about some of the things that are making me want to raise the roof today.

1. Dollar General brand magic erasers. I am easily distracted by strange tasks. While waiting on chicken delight to cook last night, I spent most of the 45 minutes on my hands and knees, scrubbing my kitchen floor with these bad boys. Whoa. Gross yet amazing, all at the same time. While I love my little rental house, I have always wondered about the kitchen floors. Pink tile, stained in some spots, I feel like there's a story there. I've always moved past thinking about it pretty quickly, as I don't spend much time rolling around the kitchen floor. Something shifted yesterday and I developed the overwhelming urge to have the cleanest floors on Azalea. Welcome to my life, DG fake magic eraser. I'm glad we found each other.

2. Awkward Family Photos. Mary Straton reintroduced me to this site yesterday with an email reminder. Thanks girl. I almost flipped backwards in my chair at work laughing. Big 'ole belly laugh, nothing better.

3. Head Shots. I'm about to take single shots of myself, wearing a pink v-neck t, to send into casting for The Help, in hopes that I'm picked to be an extra in the junior league scenes. I mean hello, I was president of sub-deb in high school. Doesn't that make me just right for the part? I'll remember everyone when I am launched into super-stardom.

4. Sweet Corn. I swear, it's like a desert. No butter, no salt, no pepper, no nothin'. Just an ear of corn, adorable corn holders, and pure joy. Welcome, summer in the delta.

5. Big Girl Blanket. Baby Girl A is about to move up to a big girl class - complete with cots. She's going to need a bigger blanket. Begin hunt for overwhelmingly adorable fabric. And begin petition to get my own cot at work.

6. Happy Hour. Traditional Thursday night happy hour at the Alluvian resumes tonight. We had to skip last week due to being completely worn out - first time in almost two years (aside from being out of town). I bet we were missed.

That's all from the elevator today. Will be back soon - with more food.

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