Weekend Wrap-up (The Mounds)

Hey, party people. How was your weekend? Mine was lovely, thanks. We in Greenwood kicked off the weekend with a birthday dinner party honoring a good friend Kristen. The party was thrown at Brandon's house and we staged a little Italian Style Bistro type thang. Mary Neff worked her magic on all of the decorating - I've never seen such twinkle! Good stuff, fun stuff. Food not to shabby either. Apps were "The Mounds", a dish I've been eyeing for quite some time now over on the blog Spoonful. It wasn't WW, nor was it the most unhealthy dish I'd ever eaten at a party.
Easy to put together, lots of flexibility...thanks for sharing SB!
Here's how I did it. I diced up the following: black olives, green olives, artichokes, red onion, fresh tomatoes. I piled all that up on a plate, shredded some fresh parm in the corner. I then drizzled with a little olive oil and balsamic, topped it off with some Tony's. I had planned to also have turkey ronis and capers but I completely forgot to add them to the plate. Anywho. Serve it with crackers or bread - prepare to do some heavy grazing.
The rest of the meal involved a salad, fresh bread from the Mockingbird Bakery, lasagna, and Lemon Freeze. It also involved laughing really hard with a bunch of really fun gals. Yay, birthdays!
More soon, I'm having picture uploading / alignment issues.

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