Darlin' Dogs (Turkey Chili Cheese Dogs)

I know. It's not cool or healthy to like hot dogs. But guess what? I do. I'm yelling it from the top of the wellness center that is under construction outside of my office....I AM A FAN OF HOT DOGS! My most favorite hot dog? A chili cheese dog from Sonic. Mmmm hmmmm. Love it.
This love of chili cheese dogs inspired me to try my hand at making a lightened up version. Score one for hot dog lovers, it was a success! Very quick to put together, perfect for one person (Brandon refuses to eat hot dogs), and relatively inexpensive. Enjoy!

Turkey Chili Cheese Dogs

1 light hot dog bun
1 light beef hot dog
1/3 cup canned turkey chili (no beans)
2 tbl WW Mexican cheese
2 tbl onions

Serving size 1 chili dog
WW points 6

Heat everything up however you fancy, layer everything into a bun. Grab several napkins, sit in the middle of your floor, and enjoy this tasty treat. At least I sat in the middle of my floor. I felt that was the best way to enjoy it. Knife and fork may be required.


  1. i love a good dog too. that article in delta magazine had my mouth watering!!

  2. Ghi, those chopping skills need some serious honing. Those are the largest onion chunks I ever did see.....

  3. It's called a rustic chop. Geeeeze. Trash.