Happy Birthday!

Happy Thursday, party people. No recipes today. I made a disastrous chicken, rice and artichoke number on Monday, had a tortilla pizza on Tuesday, and a chest cold on Wednesday. Whenever I have a cold, I automatically want Chinese food. If you have ever played on the WW online Chinese food cheat sheet, you know that Chinese food has about a million points in it. Doesn't really matter what you get just know that it has a million points in it. That, my friends, is why there are no recipes today. What we do have today is my main man Brandon's birthday. The big 2-9. Last year in your twenties, dude. Happy day! Here are the top ten reasons why I think this guy rocks...

1. He goes to things with me. This may not sound like much but it's a big deal when every time you turn around there's a wedding or a shower or a party. In fact, the picture above was taken just a few days after his appendectomy at Leah's wedding. He pulled it all together and made it happen. My mom was pretty worried about him and kept asking him if he needed to go lay down.

2. He loves my friends. He gets just as excited as I do when they come visit and gets just as sad when they leave.

3. He loves my family. He has even survived Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day with the Alexander crew. Our family Christmas is pretty much the most fun thing ever but might be a little overwhelming for an outsider.

4. He is a true gentleman. It was pouring the night of our first date and he came to my front door to pick me up with an umbrella. I swooned.

5. He has his own signiture dance move. He's not afraid to use it.

6. He is an extremely hard worker.

7. He respects me.

8. He is extremely supportive and keeps me level when I freak out about silly things.

9. He makes me more social. If it weren't for him, I'd probably never leave my house. We provide a good balance for each other.

10. He eats all the food I cook, good or bad. He has also accepted the fact that it's pretty much always going to be made with ground turkey. And that butter is out of the picture. And that we're not frying anything, ever. And that if he orders dessert or french fries and I don't because i'm trying to be "good", I'm going to eat most of his.

There we go, a quick list of why B is the bomb. Not all of the reasons, there are many more, but just a quick birthday list. I'm cooking Chicken Parm tonight (his favorite) and will share the recipe tomorrow. Fingers crossed it's going to be a winner!



  2. double like...so glad willard b. has a lady like you! love y'all!