I Can't Have Nice Things

I have been looking forward to today all week. I was planning to get up early, leave Greenwood at about 8:30, and head to Jackson for Brandon's sister-in-law's baby shower. After that, I planned to meet up with Jen, BJ, Baby Girl A, and The Smiths for lunch. I don't know about you, but I like to outfit plan. It's kind of like meal planning, but with clothes (Captain Obvious, I know.) So. Earlier in the week, I went to Jackson with my sweet Mom. We spent the day bumming around, having a large time, often talking about white jeans. Mom discussed how much she loved her white pants, and I talked about how much I wanted a pair of white jeans. Low and behold, we found a pair at J Crew, on sale even! Being the sweet woman that she is, she got them for me. Yay, Mom! Instantly, I began to outfit plan. I planned to wear the new white jeans, paired with a new black and white racer-back top to the baby shower today. It was going to be grand. Are you picturing it with me?

Ok, so enter the part about me not being able to have nice things. I'm the girl, who a few months ago, lost her great grandmother's diamond ring down the shower drain. Luckily, said ring was retrieved by a nervous plumber as i was (hysterically) crying in my den. I also drop crock pots, wash things that are dry clean only, and sometimes accidentally hit things with my car. So it's no surprise that I had a white jean / clumsy Laura Merrill issue. I was running right on schedule...it was about 8:25 and I had just finished pumping gas at the Scott station. Like a good girl, I was going to record the transaction in my check book registry. That's when it happened. Happened so fast, just like the ring down the shower drain. I uncapped the pen, opened the registry, and then i saw it. Blue ink dripping down my hand. I closed my eyes. Please, Lord, no. It wasn't so bad at first. There was a big blue ink spot on my blouse. Luckily, it was right on top of a black dot so it wasn't all that noticeable. Since I don't know any of Stacy's (B's sister in law) friends, I thought it was really something that I needed to take care of so I wouldn't be considered as the trashy girl friend from Greenwood. I ran to Walgreens, looking for a Tide pen. It's worth mentioning that I was driving my car in a very odd position, trying to make sure that the ink did not spread. So I get to Walgreens, no Tide pens. I opt instead for an Oxy Clean spray. Oxy Clean works, right? Maybe it does, but it didn't work for me. I sprayed it on my blouse which caused the ink to spread, spread down the shirt and onto the waste band of my new white jeans. That I'd never worn before. Oh. No.

So, I (safely) speed back home, run into the house like a crazy person, strip out of the jeans, treat them with spray and wash, start the washer, add some bleach, and hope for the best. The blouse I left soaking in spray and wash. I was much less concerned with the blouse. Yes I love it and yes it was it's debut, but it was from Target so wasn't going to be much of a loss. I find a random dress, throw it on, and run back out of the house. At this point, it's 9:00. Slightly behind schedule.

I made it to the shower just a few minutes late. Had a wonderful time then went onto meet the family for lunch. Good visits and fish tacos were had, and Baby Girl A showed us how she likes to pretend to swim in the juice from her peaches. When getting ready to leave, I volunteered/demanded to go with Jen and BJ to Joseph A. Banks and watch Baby Girl while they shopped for dress shirts.

This child melts my heart. She melts my heart even more when she shows up wearing an Alex and Leo outfit. And sun and sand sandals. Can't even handle it. While mom and dad shopped, we spent our time playing in the mirror, getting it good and smudged up so the sales clerks would have something to do later. She even took the time to show me her almost walking skills and model her outfit. And p.s. - Jen got the Tom's wedges. How cute!

Those of you who are still with me after this long and wordy adventure, the outfit is just fine. The blouse looks the same as it did the day I bought it, and the jeans have just the smallest light blue spot by the button. Fingers crossed that baby t's don't come back around any time soon.

Happy weekend!

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  1. I never knew baby t's went away?!?? bahahahahahahah!!!!!