Run, LM, Run

Guess what I started yesterday? A couch to 5K training program. Yes - it's true. Me the girl who doesn't run actually has run twice this week. Once yesterday, once this morning. Proud does not even begin to describe the feeling. I actually finished, did not finish dead last, did not vomit, did not pass out in full body cramps, and did not cry. These are all very large accomplishments.

Greenwood's Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a program that's helps you get ready for our fair city's 300 Oaks Race. I walked it a few years ago but never really gave much thought to running. I'm looking forward to giving it a shot this year, it's even more fun as several friends from Greenwood are also doing it. It's kicking my exercise routine up a notch which I have been needing. I also want a runners body, is that to much to ask?

So if anyone wants to join me in this adventure, this program appears to be pretty much what we are doing. And Nike, if you are out there, don't you want to sponsor me and give me cute running clothes? Thanks.


  1. I ran again today, as well. OUCH. PS.. you need that outfit.

  2. I haven't been on here in awhile and am catching up on all the posts. YAY for training!! That's awesome! why oh why did Greenwood have to get cool when I leave!?!