10 Year Recap

What a weekend. For reals. I had such a wonderful time hanging out with friends, both the ones that I see a lot and the ones I haven't seen in foreva.
Here we are at the GGCC on Friday night. Lots of great memories here. I'm sure even the mention of going here when we are home makes our parents and / or adult siblings shutter. Don't worry guys - not to much damage.
Me and Brandon before the dinner Saturday night. I wonder why I do that with my head? Do me a favor - if anyone out there ever takes my picture...tell me to stop doing that.
Here's half of our table at the dinner. Making use of the table decorations. All of these girls were in the picture I posted Friday. Slightly different, eh?
And here's our side of the table. Again, making good use of the props. Doing that head thing again...just shaking things up by going to the opposite side.
Just like all good things, the weekend had to come to an end. We hugged our good byes, tried to restore my mom's house to some sort of order, and went our separate ways. Brandon and I stopped by Nanny's house to have lunch with the fam - always a good time.
I spent the rest of my afternoon cleaning my looks-like-a-bomb-hit-it house and washing 5 loads of laundry. I think that 5 loads of laundry is a bit excessive for someone who lives alone. Don't you? Anyway. When it came time for super I was wanting something on the healthy side. And quick. And requiring minimal dishes. That's not to much to ask, is it? I settled upon a Morning Star Farms Spicy Black Bean burger (2 pts), 2 slices of Natures Own Double Fiber wheat bread (1.5 pts), a slice of Kraft reduced fat pepper jack cheese (1 pt), and some mustard. Grand total of 5 points. Nice.

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  1. I love seeing these pictures and all the WS decorations. Makes me look forward to my reunion next year.