Birthday Girl

Look at who I got to hang out with today.

Yes. The Baby Girl A. Although her actually birthday isn't until the 11th of this month, the family came together today the celebrate the little sassy pants.
Sassy she was, especially in her brand new Alex and Leo birthday outfit. The pattern is from this Etsy store and I am very pleased with it. Don't think about the fact that i ripped it up several times before I finally finished it and that I just might have said several less than nice words during the sewing process. However, everything is always easier the second time around so I look forward to making it again.

Here's a picture of me and Chickey, the two proudest aunts ever.

Alex got a bright pink cozy coup from Jen and BJ.

Then she had a meltdown when she was removed from said cozy coup to eat birthday cake.

Eat birthday cake while looking like a unicorn. Is there any other way?

There were rides in her new wagon. This wagon triggered the adults to share their thoughts on how much toys have changed. How on earth will she be a well adjusted child if she doesn't learn the lessons in life that come from falling over the side of a wagon?

Some hangin' out time with Grandy.
Even Carter got in on the fun, going for a ride in the cozy coup.

How cute is this family? It's quite challenging to get a family picture with a 1 year old who is coming down from her first sugar rush ever.

It was a good day...wore out from all the fun.
Happy Birthday Baby Girl A!!

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