Country Comes to Town

So this weekend, I made the journey to New Orleans to stay with my dear friend Win. It was a long time coming, she's been there for over three years and this was the FIRST time I have gone to stay with her. That is tacky of me, I know. I've been there since she's been there, but both times were with a gaggle of girls on a bachelorette party so time was quite limited. I intended to take a million pictures this weekend, all of me posing in front of various New Orleans monuments. However, time got away and I didn't even get one of me and Win, much less me and a street performer. So here's a picture of us LAST weekend. And I wore this dress when I was there, so it's almost the same.
The weekend included traffic jams, blueberry mojitos, red fish tacos, iced coffees, a trip to the mall, some new blush, wet Toms, a roast beef and shrimp po boy, PinkBerry yogurt, dill pickle Zapps, a new nail color, a trip to Whole Foods, goat Gouda cheese, and dinner at Meauxbar Bistro. The weekend was fantastic, the perfect New Orleans trip.
You may notice that much of the weekend revolved around food. Yes, it did. This is why I picked up a bag of baked Kettle chips. These were a recommendation from Win, they were featured in the WW magazine. 20 chips for 2 points. Hot dang! I'm excited. That's Brandon's arm in the bag, stealing my chips. I'm going to get him for that, especially since there is no way these can be found anywhere in Greenwood. Just being realistic.
We will end this post with this picture of Kuerig pods. Every time I go out of town, I get to pick up a fresh box of iced coffee. This may not sound like much excitement to you city dwellers, but for me it's a big dang deal. Have you experienced a Keurig iced coffee? It's a dream. With two packs of Splenda and a touch of fat free half and half, it's a nice little 0 point WW treat. I enjoy mine each morning from a Newks cup.
Happy Monday!


  1. Where do you find your Kuerig pods?

  2. Great picture of you and Winnie. Glad y'all had a good time.