My successful battle with I-10 pre-Saints game traffic on Friday kind of made me feel like a bad agent. I get real proud of myself when I do something like, say, successfully drive in the big city. Makes me think I can accomplish anything. It's a good thing I live in Greenwood or else I might spend my time jumping off of buildings and fighting ninjas.

My most recent experience with thinking I can do things that I can't do started Sunday afternoon while making my grocery list. I had just gotten back to town and was preparing to make my weekly store trip. Flipping through my trusty manila folder of recipes to try, I grabbed the one for Koosa and went on my merry way.

I spent some time yesterday researching the dish and finding ways to make it a bit healthier. Got home from work, invited friends over for dinner (because that's always a good idea when you're cooking things you've never tried) and started hollowing out squash. Fast forward a bit and it's time to take the dish out of the oven. Brandon tried to claim it was "really good!!" but I knew this was a sham when I could hear him crunching the rice. Brandon, rice isn't supposed to crunch. My venture into Lebanese cooking was short lived.

The evening was saved by a tub of french onion dip, ruffles potato chips, an assortment of cheeses (fancy ones), and a bottle of wine. No one starved and the company was enjoyable. At least I put the french onion dip in a McCarty dish. I'm not complete trash.

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