The Sweetest Things (Cool Whip Sandwiches)

Since it's so freaking hot outside, let's focus on some things that are positive. Let's not think about the fact that when I went to run this morning at 6 am, it already felt like one hundred degrees. Or the fact that the heat index is going to be 113 degrees today. Or the fact that no matter what temperature I put my ac on, the temp inside the house pretty much hangs out around 80 degrees. Make up is out of the question, as is drying my hair.

But lets not talk about that. Let's talk about the sweet things in life. Like the fact that football season is right around the corner (hello, fantasy football league and dip parties!). And the fact that when fall finally comes it will be oh so nice. Let's focus on the cutest video ever made and the fact that Baby Girl A's first birthday party is this weekend. Let's focus on the fact that surviving this heat is probably making us all better people. Making us tougher.

To help you to focus on all the sweet things in life - here's a recipe for Cool Whip Sandwiches. I myself HATE cool whip. With a passion. I'm not really even a big fan of meringue. There are some situations however (Death By Chocolate) in which I will openly embrace the cool whip. Here is one of them. Kind of tastes like ice cream...

Cool Whip Sandwiches
1 whole sheet of reduced fat graham crackers
1 tbl fat free cool whip

Break the graham cracker in half. Place cool whip atop on graham cracker square, smush the other half on top. Place in freezer.

Serving size 1 sandwich
WW points 1
Points Plus 2

It's almost like these two things were meant to go with one another. One box of graham crackers uses just about 1 tub of cool whip. Or maybe it did for me because I'm not the best at breaking graham crackers in half.

Stay cool, my friends.

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  1. Good post Minya. Cool whip sandwiches are my fav. Adding fruit to them is delicious as well. (I have no idea about the point value, though). I am also excited that you are excited about football season.