That's a Wrap (Turkey Wraps)

While I am not at liberty to discuss my day yesterday...I can drop a few hints. My Tuesday started at 3:45 am, involved about a half a can of hair spray and a teasing comb, and ended with people saying things like "have ya'll wrapped?" or something like that. But maybe they didn't say "ya'll." Whatever.

So with all of the talking of wrapping yesterday, I decided to bring it on into supper and have myself a wrap. This particular wrap is borrowed from the always enjoyable food blog Literally, a Spoonful and has been slightly tweeked for the WW. It's quick and easy and great for summer. You like how there are even more and more cell phone pictures of food? I'm really getting lazy.
Turkey Wraps
adapted from Literally, a Spoonful
1 whole wheat, high fiber tortilla
1 oz reduced fat cream cheese
1 handful spianch leaves
6 slices shaved smoked turkey breast
1 slice reduced fat pepper jack cheese (I used Kraft 2% milk)
5 turkey pepperonis
Spread cream cheese onto tortilla. Layer the rest of the ingredients - spiniach, turkey, cheese, turkey pepperonis. Roll into a wrap.
Serving size 1 wrap
WW points 5
Points Plus 8


  1. ooohh. nice touch with the pepperoni. i'll have to try that.

  2. First of all, I love your blog! Secondly, I bet I can guess what you were doing at 3:45 am. How exciting! I'm a little jealous...