Eat More Chicken

Why is there a picture of a mound of chicken nuggets on this blog that is meant to help me to stay within my daily points allowance? Maybe it's because I've gone a little nutty. Or maybe it's because I've decided to throw the whole weight loss thing out the window and gain every last pound back by eating nothing but fried food.

Jokes! I got you! It's neither of those.

But I would like to talk about fried chicken nuggets. I spent the day in Memphis yesterday. I was by myself and didn't want to spend a ton of time on lunch, so i decided to stop into the Chick Fil A in Southaven. Quick day trips can be tough when dieting. It's hard to find something that's satisfying yet healthy at the same time. I'm not saying that Chick Fil A is healthy BUT it is satisfying and does not have to blow the point counting. According to the WW Website, an 8 piece chicken nugget is 6 points. I'm sorry people, but I don't think that's bad at all. Also - their Diet Lemon aid is made with Splenda instead of aspartame so i can enjoy it without getting the headache of the century!

While I'm bragging on the Chick Fil A, I must mention their service. One of the workers literally tried to seat me when she brought my food out and there was one person whose only responsibility was to walk around the place and ask people if they needed a drink refill. And the bathrooms? Please. Touch free everything. I felt so clean.

Yes, I did get that excited about Chick Fil A. Country comes to town, I know. Things got even hokier when I ventured to JoAnns and purchased Christmas fabric on sale. Whether my sister likes it or not (I'm pretty sure she's a fan), the Baby Girl will be decked in ruffled pants to reflect the holiday season. Heck, with prices like that I might even make myself some.

Picture of chicken here

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  1. I love that those nugs are only 6 points. The grilled chicken sandwich is low points too!!!