I had a lovely post planned for today.  A post in which I raved about a low point little dish called "Mom's Ground Turkey and Peppers." Except I was going to call it "Your Mom's Ground Turkey and Peppers." Mainly because my mom just recently stopped looking at ground turkey with the stink eye. 

Anywho.  It was a massive failure.  Unable to be recovered.  I even put mine over pasta.  And added salt.  Ugh.  No good.  I did still eat it though, as I was hungry.  And being prideful.   

Brandon, on the other hand, was wrapped up in studying for an Intermediate Accounting test.  He tried the disaster-meal, smiled politely, and casually stated that he thought he might have something else for supper.   

Here is what he came up with:  a fried egg, a few pieces of cajun turkey, and slice of reduced fat pepperjack cheese, olive oil mayonaise, and a thin bun.  Isn't that a strange sandwich?  I know that putting an egg on top of things is all the rage now, but still.  Strange. 

Boys.  They do the darndest things. 

Blogs also do the darndest things.  For example...they have changed the format on this things and while it's fun that i can strikethrough words, I can't get the spell checker to work.  This isn't good, as I probably spell on a second grade level.  Lindsey - I'm sure youre going to have a ball with this. 


  1. Miraculously, there were no spelling errors in that post....or none that caught my eye at least. BTW, I engaged in a disastrous attempt to make your ww friendly darby's chicken delight last night. It was so good the first time I made it....not quite sure what went wrong this time. Maybe it was my attempt to replace normal squash with spaghetti squash? I'm just not sure that I am ever going to be a kitchen diva. Thank God I am a diva in real life....

  2. Yes, thank God. Something tells me that the spaghetti squash was the culprit...