Root Beer BBQ

Here we are again, back up at the Monday. My weekend was a big one, filled with domination in fantasy football, birthday dinners, promotion of literacy, and pork. Only slightly tired, but overall looking forward to the week.
One highlight of the week will include going to my eye doctors appointment on Tuesday. Hence the picture of the glasses. My glasses are no where to be found and I've found it to be much more difficult to see at night while driving. I should probably take myself off the road, huh? Hopefully I'll get some hip frames that will also make my life less prone to danger. I'm pretty excited.
In the first paragraph, I mentioned birthday dinners and pork. Saturday night was my friend Emily's birthday, we came together at Vince's in Leland to celebrate. A large time was had by all. During I supper I began to tell her about my meal I was planning to put together on Sunday. Here is our conversation (not EXACTLY as it's been a few days, but close)
Laura Merrill: You know how I had to stop at the gas station when I got into town?
Emily: Yeah. Brian said you had to. What's up with that?
Laura Merrill: Well, I had to get a 20 oz Barques Root Beer. The place I got gas in Greenwood didn't have it.
Emily: What?
Laura Merrill: Yeah. Root beer. I'm going to use it for my BBQ I'm making tomorrow.
Emily: (recoils in horror) Root Beer? In your BBQ? This disgusting. Ugh.
Laura Merrill: No, really. It's not. I've made it before, it's actually quite good.
Emily: Ugh.
Laura Merrill: Seriously. You should try it.
I was told last night that cooking things in root beer is hip. This is no surprise, I've always been a trend setter. I had overalls before anyone else in junior high. They were floral.
Root Beer BBQ
2 lb pork tenderloin
20 oz root beer
1 bottle BBQ sauce
Place pork and root beer in a crock pot. Cook on low for 10 hours or high for 6 hours. After pork is cooked, shred it into small pieces using forks. Add BBQ sauce, let it heat through.
Serving size approx 1/2 cup
WW points approx 4
Points Plus 4
I enjoyed this with a thin bun and some Bush's fiesta beans. And a salad. It was good. A word on Root Beer - I used regular because I have major headache related issues with Aspartame (the chemical used in diet sodas). I bet, if you used Diet Root Beer, the points would be less.

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