30 Days of Gratitude

While flipping furiously through my desk calender today, it hit me. 

Thanksgiving is 30 days from today.  Whoa!  Then it's Christmas....then the New Year....then I'm a 97 year old great great grandmother jetting around the Caribbean, doing yoga in the morning and drinking wine in the afternoon. 

I might be getting ahead of myself.  My point is:  time is flying and the holla-days will be here before we know it. 

I decided to do this whole 30 days of gratitude ago, who knew it would sneak up so fast. 

Here is my plan - each day, leading up to Thanksgiving, I'll be listing 5 things on my blog each day that I'm grateful for.  It's an exercise that I hope will get me in the right mind frame for the holla-days, as well as help me to stop and say thanks for the good stuff in my life. 

I do hope you'll join me...leave a comment and share what you are grateful for! 

Here is the kick off list:

1.  Friends that don't let their herb gardens die.
2.  Salomon tennis shoes that have stuck with me for 3+ years.
3.  The ability to get outside and mow my leaves (I don't rake.)
4.  Friends that are honest - even when they tell me that something I've done makes them want to throw up.
5.  Miracles.  Jennifer and BJ are expecting their second little babe in May.  Join me as I do a wild, excited dance! 


  1. I am grateful for YOU and for this blog!! And also grateful that you changed the header from that larger-than-life bowl of taco soup....