Chef B. to the Rescue

Stop it with the judgey-pants.  There are a million things wrong with beef ravioli from a can.  I am fully aware of this and that a few months back, I posted about trying to be better about eating less frozen / from a can meals.  Truth is, I have been much better with it.  I've been eating mainly leftovers from the night before from lunch and will only do a frozen meal if I'm in a pinch OR have a hankerin' for Santa Fe Rice and Beans.  

Today was one of those in a pinch days.  I didn't have any leftovers, no turkey, and no frozen meals that really got me excited.  Oh happy day when I remembered this little gem hidden in my desk drawer. I picked it up after cruising the Wal Mart a bit back and realizing that one could have the whole can for 6 points.  AND it has a full cup of veggies in it.  AND it's a good source of 6 vitamins and minerals.  AND it has 14 grams of protein.  AND it tastes like childhood (or freshman year in Rice Hall.)

Regardless of whether it's C.B. Beef Ravioli or one of the many low point soup options, I find it helpful to keep a can of something always at reach when you find yourself without a lunch.  Here in Ruleville, the only options are fried chicken and Subway.  While I love fried chicken, after a weekend like this past one it's time for me to really hunker down and count those points.  And exercise.  And get this dang piece of pumpkin bread off my desk...it's glaring at me.   

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