Four On Fridy

Here are just a few things rolling around in my brain on this bee-u-ti-ful Friday afternoon.

1.  The merry band of construction workers outside of my office building have successfully laid two sidewalks today.  I am really having to check myself to not go stick my hand in it, or draw my name with a stick, or do something equally as childish and amazing. 

2.  A few days in the wilderness, even when using 28 different Oil of Olay Daily Facial Wipes, can lead to some serious breakout issues.  That's what I'm dealing with today, right on my cheek.  Hello there, adult acne.    

3.  Lenny's is so good.

4.  WICKED!!!  I'm setting out tomorrow for Memphis to go see wicked with my mom and two sisters.  I've been walking around, talking singing about Wicked for a few weeks now, really practicing my Broadway voice.  And my jazz hands.  I think I'll buy myself a coffee mug.  I like to buy coffee mugs from places that I visit and things that I see.  Well really, I have only done it once (Second City in Chicago) but I'm thinking about making it a tradition. 

Happiest of happy weekends to all, I hope it's WICKED awesome!  Enjoy the video....


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