Gratitude Day 6

Today I am grateful for....

1. Lunch dates.

2. Living in a place like Greenwood.  I feel like there are some big things going on here.

3.  A lazy day that I can use for whatever I want.  Today it was sewing...

Burp Cloth - pattern based on tutorial from Spoonful

Talula Reversible Jumper, pattern found here.
Soon to be a Ruffled Blouse
4.  The ability to laugh at myself.  The white lining of above pictured red jumper is now tye-dyed pink.  What up, not pre-washing fabric??

5.  My brown fuzzy jacket.   


  1. Super cute fabrics!!!!!
    I hate it when I don't pre-wash for whatever the reason...be it my forgetfulness or lazyness.