Hats Off to the Pharmacists In My Life...

You may or may not be aware of this, but October is National Pharmacists Month.  This may or may not be a big deal to you, but it kind of is to me.  I would like to take this time to shout out to just a few of my favorite pharmacists (as well as almost pharmacists.) 

Although we were all raised in the same environment, by the same people, pretty much the same way, our brains came out quite different.  Jen and Chick came out with the science / math brain, while I developed the social work brain.  Only slightly different, eh? 

Chick is still in school and appears to be really making her mark.  She participates in exercises where she is responsible for managing a pharmacy in the wilderness - she probably would have rocked that one out if her supply plane had not crashed trying to deliver supplies.  This might sound strange but I have a degree in social work - we did group projects that were waaaaay stranger. 

Chick also keeps me up to date on the function of a social worker in a pharmacists' world.  I'm not sure what that function is though as I can't make out what the picture she sent me says. 

Jen is a for real pharmacist, has been for several years.  She works in the student health center at a college and really seems to be great at it.  She is patient, calm, and understanding.  Although I have never been a patient of hers, I do like to keep her on her toes by calling her on a regular basis and testing her knowledge.  I believe that I am a borderline hypochondriac and have called her in a panic about everything from an ear infection to shingles.  She will usually direct me to the appropriate over the counter medication, telling me everything is going to be just fine.  She doesn't make fun of the fact that I am an absolute lunatic, at least not to my face. 

We can't forget about B.J., Jennifer's husband.  He's also in the bizzzzz and helps the good customers of Walgreens keep there medicine straight.  He's also fun to harass while at work.  I don't get to do it at as often as I would like, but I often enjoy cruising through the drive through and just loitering.  Good stuff.  

Pharmacists have a tough job - we should all do our part to make it better.  I'm an AWFUL pharmacy patient.  I have prescriptions at several different pharmacies, usually don't remember the name of medications that I've taken, throw the boxes of my over the counter meds away so that I have no idea what they are, and get very crabby when I am sick and have to wait on something to be filled.  I bet that those are four of the things that make a pharmacists head spin around...

I promise to be better. 

Happy Pharmacist Month!!!  I'm proud of you girls!

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