Hodge Podge Saves the Day

Yesterday was one of those days were I was a bit on pins and needles. It started with, when on my commute to work, my check engine light came on.

I almost went to pieces.

This may sound like an overreaction but there are several reasons that this upset me. For starters - any one remember my Galant? If it wasn't the lights that wouldn't turn off, or the window that would suddenly drop into the abyss of the door, or the hub caps held on by zip ties, then it was some major that was going to be extremely expensive to fix. I have a sort of PTSD related to cars. Another reason that I was shaken by this was the fact that I've almost got the old girl paid off and would then like to have several blissful years without a car payment. Also - did I mention that I drive 35 miles per day to work? Do you see why I was a little upset?

The rest of the day went off without much of a hitch, but there was quite the storm waiting on me when I got home.

Before leaving for work, I loaded up the 'ole crock pot with chicken, salsa, and taco seasoning and let her do her thing. Little did I know what would be waiting on me when I arrived home.

I walked into the house and smelled a delightful, festive dinner, followed immediately by burnt chicken. I removed the top and discovered one hot, crusty, burnt up mess. Un-saveable. Dang it. It was a recipe sent to me by my precious Aunt (that's not really my aunt but a cousin) Lisa - hey Lisa! - and came highly recommended. I will for sure try it again but on a day when I can give my crock pot more attention. Perhaps it will be a good Sunday meal.

I swept my hurt feelings off of the floor and started to make a plan B. 

Luckily, I meal plan.  Next in line was Hodge Podge.  I had all of the ingredients for it so I was ready to go.  This was also supposed to be made in the crock pot but considering the mess in that thing, it wasn't happening.  Stove top it was. 

This recipe was emailed to me by my Nanny - it's something that her mother (my great grandmother Mimi) always made.  Very tasty, for reals. 

Hodge Podge

cooking spray
1 1/2 lb lean ground beef
1 onion, chopped
1 tsp garlic
3 cans Minestrone soup (I used Progresso high fiber)
2 cans ranch style beans
1 can rotel
1 tbl chili powder

Spray a large pot with cooking spray, brown the meat, garlic, and onions until cooked.  Drain off fat. 

Add cans of soup, ranch beans, rotel, and chili powder.  Stir well.  Add about a can of water (or however much you would like to reach desired consistency). 

Bring to a boil, reduce heat to a simmer.  Cook for about an hour. 

If using a crock pot - cook the mean, onions, garlic and put them into the crock pot.  Then add rest of ingredients.  Cook in crock pot on low for about an hour.

Serving size 1 cup
WW points 3
Points Plus 4

This made 16 one cup servings....I'm for sure going to freeze some.  And take some to work.  And try to give it to people as they walk past my house.  If any Greenwood folks want some - let me know! 

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