Hot Mess

I love a Real Simple magazine. I've been a subscriber for quite some time and look forward to each and every issue.  Every time I read one, I find new things to explore, try out, and want.  While flipping through the November issue at work on Monday, I found a 15 minute plan to a cleaner pantry plan.  I was sold.  Even though I had already planned several things for when I got home that afternoon, I knew it was something that I wanted to do. 


This is what it looked like before I started.  I should probably hang my head in embarrassment but I'm just trying to be honest.  Dreadful, right?  How did this happen?  

In case you're wondering, my pantry is a computer desk given to me by my grandmother.  I painted it white and put some fancy new knobs on it and have used it to store food. Unfortunately, no fancy Anthropology knob is going to save the inside of this thing...

My stars.  What they hey?  How does one collect so many spices?  And vinegars??  I'm not even a big vinegar person.

My personal favorite finds from the Great Pantry Clean Out of 2010:  an unopened container of "Everything But The" snack mix from Target (so good and NOT CHEAP and very expired), 1 can of manwich that expired in 2008, and 2 bottles of dark sesame oil.  Because I'm always like "Oh yeah.  I need to make something with dark sesame oil in it."


What about that washer / dryer in the kitchen?  You like that don't you.  I've actually put a table cloth over it and served food off of it at a party. 

There we go.  Kind of awkward with the 5,723 spices and oils and vinegars, but much much better.  I can actually see what I have.  This should make for some interesting meals in the coming weeks.

You may be wondering....did this process take Laura Merrill only 15 minutes as promised in the magazine?

Heck no.  But it was worth it.   


  1. I'm so proud. You know I love an organized space.

  2. Love it! I was just reading my RealSimple that came last week and was at part on cleaning your pantry and thought I needed to do that! You have inspired me! Maybe this weekend? :)

  3. Yay!! You know I open that pantry each and every time I come to visit (after perusing through your fridge and before helping myself to something from the candy jar). I am SO GLAD to know that next time I visit, I'll actually be able to see what's in there and won't be at risk for eating an extremely stale and out-of-date wheat cracker!