If I Had A Boat

Here is a little peak into what we are doing here today at work.  Usually, Wednesday is "craft day." On this day, we try to do some sort of activity that relates to what we have been covering in our sessions. This is a way to sauce things up a bit as well as help the group members get a better grasp on the topics. 

As I'm sure you know, Columbus Day is Monday.  In honor of this fine holiday, we will be discussing exploration and how to "explore" what you want out of life.  To fit this into our hands on session, we will be making boats.  Very large boats.  

I am sharing with you today the example that I made to share with the group.  Not because I think it will change your life but because maybe, just maybe, it will help you to think about and explore what you want out of life.  I know what I want....to eat this all day. Mmm mmm mm mmmmmm.

In closing, you should go look up Dave Matthews performing "If I Had a Boat." It's what I jammed swayed to while making this boat.  I attempted to post the video, but it was a fail.

P.S.  I know that my desk is cluttery - it's usually worse than that.  Yes, I do tape my pictures to my computer tower because I don't have any picture frames. And Lindsey - that is your Marie Clare, you left it in Denver.  Clare gave it to me.  

P.P.S.  I also know that my wants appear to be quite shallow and materialistic in nature....it's not an exhaustive list.  I'm just trying to exercise appropriate personal boundaries.  



  1. That is a cute boat. Do you want Santa to bring you a camera or something?

  2. What? How could you tell?? Hmmm. Maybe.