Just a few things....

Happy Middle of the Week, party people! It's been a good one so far on my end, had a few bumps in the road with the purchase of a new oxygen censor for the 'ole Honda...this led to some foot stomping that I quickly forced myself to replace with good 'ole fashioned gratitude for a few minutes with nothing to do but read magazines and have deep gchat conversations - let us appreciate time spent at the mechanic.  How's that for a run on??!!

In an effort to focus on the positive, here's some stuff that is rolling around in my brain.... 

1.  The newest issue of WW Magazine.  If you are on this program, pick up the November/December issue quick, fast, and in a hurry.  It's full of great recipe ideas, along with some pretty neat-o kitchen gadgets.  How about this....

These nifty plates help you to get a good idea about portion sizes when making your plate for dinner.  The designs are about the size of the correct portion one should have for meat, vegetables, and a starch.  How cool?  You can check them out here

2. This new t shirt from the Gap.  My mom picked me up a few of these on our Memphis adventure this week - I can tell they are going to be my new go to.  Armed with a grey and white stripe, a baby blue, and a basic black I feel like they are really going to pump up my scrub wearing.  They are a great weight, the fit is good, they pretty much rock my world.  Thanks Mom!!!! 

3.  Consolidating.  I spent a few minutes recently consolidating my Pandora Stations.  There were about a million on my profile and I've separated them all into neat little stations, with labels like "Laura Merrill's Indie-ish" or Laura Merrill's Rap-ish."  Makes me pretty happy.   

4.  Speaking of music - here is a rockin' little jam that I've been enjoying.   

5.  Being that it is Wednesday, this week is more than half over.  I'm not trying to rush my life or anything but I'm sure excited about my trip to Starkville this weekend.  Aside from being with family, Alex and Leo (the babies after whom my "clothing line" is named) will get to meet for the first time.  CUTE ALERT.  


  1. Hi, Laura Merrill! I meant to tell you that my friend's shower was this past weekend & she LOVED the dress! In fact, it was passed around and admired by everyone there. Such a hit! Everyone was wondering why you weren't on Etsy! Thanks again!

  2. Lindsey thank you so much!!!! That is so very cool!