October Weekend Adventure #1

This weekend, I journeyed to Oxford to spend time with some of my best buds.  Good stuff; I've got the exhaustion to prove it.  Here are some pics of the weekend antics....
Win, Me, Clare at Proud Larry's
Clare, Kallie, and Win at Proud Larry's.  Lindsey was also at Proud Larry's with us but she spent most of her time dancing by herself.  Little did I know, she would later accuse me of trying to show her up with my "awesome drill team moves."
Speaking of Lindsey, here is the Blueberry Pound Cake she made.  It was quiet good; we scraped the rest of it out of the bundt pan for breakfast earlier that morning. 
Here is Leah and I.  Leah and her crew were probably about to ring our necks as we were quite un-organized that morning.  We had no idea where the tent was and could only tell them to look for an unoccupied tent with a chair atop the table.  Luckily, they found us after the game. 
Lindsey and kallie - don't they look innocent? 
Win and Brandon.  Win hates a bee. 
Me and Clare - she's the one who brought us all together. 

So that's what we did...it was great.  As far as weight watchers is concerned, this weekend made me fling myself off the wagon, hitting my head on the way down.  How do you tell someone no when they inform  you that you'll be dining in at the Chevron station?  Crispitos?  Yes, please. 

Tomorrow is a new day.  And next weekend....a new adventure. 

Stay tuned for Helena. 

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