October Weekend Adventure # 2

I'm baaaaaaack.  Back from the wilderness, that is.  Well, maybe it wasn't the wilderness but it is nice to be fresh and so clean clean, sitting in some A/C.  I'd like to take a few minutes on this lazy Sunday to share some things I learned / decisions I made / ideas I had over the weekend.

1.  Abe's BBQ in Clarksdale, MS has the MOST AMAZING hot ham and cheese sandwich.  This has nothing to do with camping, but it's where we picked up lunch on the way there.  Go get one.  And ask for slaw on it.  Just do it. 

2.  Sometimes, those pictures that you take of yourself actually do work.  On the first try.  Yay! 

3.  The family that dances together, stays together. 

4.  If you should ever spot a food truck, with a happy Greek man fixing gyros and looking extremely giddy about it, and it just happens to be called "Greek to Me".....go get one.  Or two. 

5.  There is another way to bale your cotton.  Very strange to see these after you've always been used to the big, long, rectangles.   

6.  Baby powder if a good option for the greasy hair...when there is no other option. 

7.  The 34$ inflatable mattress from Wal Mart is actually not that bad.  I mean, I'm not going to take my bed out of my house but I will for sure offer it to guests in the future. 

8.  One day, I'm going to have a major life event (wedding, writing the next best therapy book, just a "Laura Merrill is Awesome Party", whatever) and Taj Majhal is going to play for it.  Anyone have connections? 

9.  One doesn't need to worry about bears in Helena, AR.  No, no.  Just alligators.  Or at least that's what some guy wizzing around on a bike told me.  The conversation started when he snuck up behind me on his bike, made a quick jerk of the handle bars to narrowly miss me.  (I'm sure it happened nothing like this, but trails make me slightly skittish).  I scream...AH!!!!  He almost falls off his bike.  I say...."I'm so sorry!  I thought you were a bear!"  and he says, laughing, trying to steady himself "Oh no!  No bears here"  A brief silence.  "You just have to watch out for the 'gators around these parts"  He rides away as quickly as he came; I'm left trying to think of ways to gator proof the tent.  Luckily, no gator sightings and I didn't have to use the karate moves I'd planned on using to defend my home-stead.   

10.  There are few things more amazing than a hot shower...especially when your last one was two days before.  You know that feeling....

My camping adventure was nothin' compared to what this gal is about to be doing.  Clare, who I've often discussed in this blog, is heading down south to Argentina.  Luckily, she has started a blog to track her journey.  It should be full of adventure, laughter, and lost personal items.  It's destined to be a classic....

Until next time, party people. 

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