October Weekend Adventure # 3

I feel like I've always had a healthy appreciation for the theater. I started at a young age, playing riveting roles as various chorus members in such Delta Center Stage hits as Oliver, A Christmas Carol, and The Wizard of Oz.  I was, however, cheated out of the role of Greta in the Sound of Music...it's really something that was difficult.  My parents blamed it on my inability to read....I was 5.  I declare shenanigans. 

Despite my not getting that role, my love for theater has remained.  I still enjoy a good Delta Center Stage production (What up, Fiddler on the Roof??!!), but I haven't really been to many plays other than small ones in the community.  That all changed this Saturday when I was able to go see Wicked at the Orpheum with my Mom and two sisters (and a sister's friends, more on them later).  The play was absolutely fantastic and the Orpheum was beautiful.  If you ever get the chance to go see this play...go go go go go.  Even if you don't think it's something you would get into, go anyway.  'Cause I said so....  

What follows is just a few pictures of the weekend. 

Here is Chick, taking a seat on the sidewalk in front of the J Crew at Saddle Creek.  She's got her coffee and is rearing to go....

Here is Leah, she met us at the Saddle Creek and joined us for lunch.  She also helped me choose between two pairs of skinny corduroy pants.  Remember that corduroy fairy?? She does exist!

Here is me, my mom, and Chick.  At this point, it got kind of weird that we were sitting on a bench out side of J Crew snapping pics.  Country comes to freakin' town.  Leah, being a Memphis native, claimed that if she saw anyone she knew she was chucking the camera. Luckily...that didn't happen. 
Just a few minutes after this picture was taken, we trekked across the way to have lunch at Memphis Pizza Cafe.  Good stuff. 

Here is part of the group on the way to the play.  Jennifer was leading the pack, helping us to not get distracted and be late for the play.  Anna, Chick's friend that is in the back near my mom, was struggling as she was trying to break in a pair of booties.  It looked painful.  She's cute though, Maureen (friend numero dos) is, too.  I'm glad my sister has cute friends.  I think that's cool.  If ya'll are reading...hey Maureen and Anna!  Had fun with ya'll this weekend!

Anna, Mom, and Chick.  Stopped at a stoplight.  Just though it was a cute pic. 

The group, minus my mom.  Look - Chick tilts her head like I do in pics.  She wants to be just like me. 

Let's wrap up with where we ate dinner last night...it rocked.  Jennifer suggested we ate here and thank goodness she did.  It was fantastic.  The name of the restaurant is Flight, and it is for sure worth checking out.  Located in Memphis, it serves 'flights' of food...which as far as I can tell was just small plates.  It was great to be able to sample everything, it was pretty much a constant passing of plates around the table.  Not that anything I ate was really considered "healthy" at this restaurant, but their small plates are good for portion control.  One of my plates was a rib eye (maybe a rib eye? Maybe not...I'm not good with meat) served atop this amazingly delightful pasta.  It was quite rich so the small portion kept me from licking the plate and regretting it later. 

The picture has nothing to do really with the restaurant, I know.  I just liked this perseco and figured I would share it. 

It was a great weekend with my great family.  Mom - thanks again for everything...Jen and Chick thanks for being such fun sisters.  And Chick, I forgive you for hitting me on the cheek and almost breaking my glasses. 

Next adventure for me is Starkville...what adventures do you have coming up this week??


  1. had fun... and it was a new york strip :)

  2. Sounds like such a fun time. My family minus me is going to see Wicked in just a few weeks - I'm so jealous.

    Also, I love the phrase - country comes to town. That's how I feel every time we go to Atlanta. I most always am wearing a very non-trendy outfit and struggling with basic things like driving on the interstate and finding parking places.

    The brown gingham you commented on a few post back is from Lou Ann Lamar's store in G'ville. My mom picked it up for me.

    Hope you have fun on your next adventure to Starkville!