October Weekend Adventure # 4 & Cheese Toast

Hello there.  Happy lazy Sunday morning.  I'm just hangin' on my couch, watching Law and Order and eating cheese toast.

Why cheese toast? Well for one, it's good.  For two, the 'ole pantry at my house is pretty slim.  The grocery trip that will go down this afternoon will be much needed.  For me, this is a great go-to breakfast.  It breaks down as follows....

2 slices of light wheat bread (1 point)
2 slices 2% American Cheese (1.5 points)
spray butter

Toast it up for a total of 4 points

This weekend, I wrapped up my October Weekend Adventures with a trip to Starkville.  Unfortunately, I didn't really get any pictures.  What I did get was some good playing time in with Alex and Leo.  They are cute.  And busy. 

Brandon and I went to half of the game with my dad and step-mom, I was quite proud of Brandon for getting as excited about the game as he did.  As a long time Ole Miss fan, I'm proud that he can support the rival team. 

I was distracted by the guy that won student fan of the week by covering his entire body with rah - rahs (AKA pom poms). 

That's dedication...

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