Practice Makes Perfect (Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheeses)

So. Post before last I discussed my frustration with fuzzy pictures.  A sweet friend and blog reader, Mary Margaret, suggested that I try some tricks with the 'ole camera and see what happened.  Last night was my first chance to experiment, tomato soup and grilled cheeses were the subject of the photo shoot.     
Thank goodness for Brandon.  He was my photog assistant during this whole process.  This first shot was taken in the den, with no flash, and Brandon standing behind me, holding the flashlight over my head.  It's like tomato soup Halloween style.  Who knew soup could look so spooky? This next shot was taken after I punched a bunch of buttons on the camera, no flash light over head.  I think it looks pretty OK, even though I have no idea what I pressed or how I could recreate this set up.  Oh well, practice makes perfect.  As I'm over being ate up with the self - conscious, I'll keep trying.  

On to the soup and sandwiches. A hot soup and a grilled sandwich are pretty much a no brainer. This meal was a perfect match for the cool weather we've been having and my level of sleepiness when I got home from Oxford yesterday. 'Tis not really a recipe, more of just a meal idea.

1 cup Campbell's Healthy Request Tomato Soup, made with water instead of milk (3.5 WW pts)

2 slices lite wheat bread
1 slice Kraft 2% American cheese
spray butter

Spray bread with butter, place cheese between bread slices.  Grill in pan to desired doneness.  (2 WW pts)

Happy Monday!!  I hope everyone has a fantastic week! 

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  1. Food photography at night is SO frustrating. Even with a good camera, my food looks weird in my kitchen light.

    The grove looks so fun. And I always love seeing Win on your blog!