Simple Breakfast and Gratitude (Day 3)

On this glorious Wednesday morning, I would like to share what I have been having for breakfast this week.  It is quite filling and has been making me quite happy.  After all, it's no secrete that peanut butter is my friend. 

This quick little ditty was featured in this months WW magazine, they suggested cutting down on processed snacks by eating something like this.  Myself, I'm having it for breakfast. 

1 wheat English muffin (3 pts) *There are some that are 2 pts, I just goofed and got the 3 pt ones.  Boooooo!
1/2 tbl reduced fat peanut butter (1 pt)
1 tsp simply fruit jelly (I like blueberry) (.5 pt)

Total pts 4

Toast the muffin, spread PB and J equally on each side.  I wrap it up in foil and carry it to work with me.  I split it in half and eat one half at a time.  Just seems like more food that way.


1.  I'm grateful for finding my calendar.
2.  I'm grateful for leftovers.
3.  I'm grateful for the opportunity to meet new friends.
4.  I'm grateful for my Keurig.
5.  I'm grateful for purple shoes and black and white scarves. 

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  1. Jeremy & I like this with peanut butter, bananas, and honey....of course, we use the super fattening Central Market homemade Engligh Muffins, but I am sure it would tasty on the WW friendly ones!