Sunday Gratitude

Today's gratitude list....

1.  A beautiful place to worship. 
2.  A priest with a kind voice.
3.  The story of Zacchaeus. 
4.  Unlikely heroes. 
5.  Organs. 

Recipe for Pasta alla Vodka to come soon - I figured I would keep talk of vodka and church separate from each other.  I mean, I'm not drinking the vodka but still.....


  1. And your stalker has returned. My Sunday gratitude list:

    1. the story of Zacchaeus (was our sermon at the Pres church in Oxford today too, and one of my faves!!)
    2. fun wild nights with good friends
    3. quiet laid back nights with good friends following fun wild nights
    4. sushi
    5. Sammy Kershaw

    Happy Sunday ghi!!!

  2. I am also grateful for Sammy Kershaw. All the time.