Lighthearted Gratitude

Another no food, just gratitude day.  I'm still thinking about that haiku, it's going to happen. 

Today's gratitude is sweet and spooky.  It is not, however, weight watchers appropriate.  And I'm cool with that. 

Today I am grateful for....

1.  Prizes from Whole Foods.  They are supposed to be "spooky pretzels" but look a little more mardi gras-ish if you ask me.  Still yum. 

2.  Bake sales that give me an excuse to make Funfetti cookies. 

3.  My banana Halloween costume.  Life is just funnier when you're dressed up like a banana.  End of story. 

4.  Everyone else's Halloween costumes.  It's just such a festive time. 

5.  My fall pot.  She's sitting all alone by herself in the driveway - but she sure is cute!

Happy weekend party people!  Hope it's not to spoooooky!

1 comment:

  1. Sorry to be your groupie. But DTE has been a great reminder to be grateful and sooooo, I am commenting yet again.

    Today I am grateful for:

    1. granola from botteltree
    2. colorful scarves from my grandmother
    3. undeserved opportunities
    4. walks with Gringo in this perfect fall weather
    5. spending time with the Brutes (my four little cousins, ages 5 to 10), who are the cutest bunch of hooligans EVA!!