Buisness Time

Oh Wednesday.  Dreaded Wednesday.  Why my attitude towards Wednesday you ask?  Because it's my weigh in day.  Usually it's fine; today it was kind of scary.  I mean, not a huge deal, I didn't gain 20 pounds in one week, but the number went up instead of staying where I'd like it to stay. 

So when I have a scary weigh in week I always look around and see what I need to do differently.  I was reminded of this when I read Real Simple's daily thought this morning, "The only thing  you can control is your own effort."

Here's to controlling your own effort. 

The past few weeks I haven't cooked as much as I usually do; not sure why, things just seemed busy.  I also vaguely remember eating one two cheeseburgers this last week.  My plan today will be to pick out several new meals to work through in the next few days and to try to stick to my exercise routine.  Uggh.  Exercise routine.  

In closing, here is a peek into my food drawer at work.  I know this may look like I'm doing some freakish food hiding / hoarding but I'm not.  It goes along with one of my secrets that helps me at work - never get empty.  I've found that if I let myself get to hungry then I really jump off the deep end at a meal.  This drawer is where I keep low point snacks for mid morning and mid afternoon.  One of the drawbacks to working in a town other than where you live, especially one that is a very small town, is you have to take EVERYTHING you might need to work with you.  Including snacks, lunch, calendars, errthing.  This drawer 'o snacks helps me to have some choices when it comes to snacks.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Chex Mix Bar - 2 WW points (and delish, pretty nice size too)
Fiber One 90 calorie bars - 1 WW point
Quaker chewy granola bars - 2 WW points
Swiss Miss Diet Hot Chocolate - 0 WW points
Baked chips - 2 - 3 WW points depending on the flavor
Wasa Crackers - 0 points and great with Laughing Cow cheese

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