Christmas Kickoff at Mi Casa

There's lots I could be doing today.  I could be folding clothes or sewing or going for a walk.  However....today I choose to sit here and look at my tree.  My fake, badly lit, slightly chaotic, totally amazing tree.

Side note - stringing lights on a tree is one of the more stressful things I've done this week.  Especially since the size of my house requires my tree to be nooked up in a corner. 
the top half

the bottom half

the Nativity set (and my attempt to decorate using collage text books)

Heck yeah.  I'm going to make some cocoa.  Did you know that Swiss Miss Diet Hot Chocolate is 0 WW points?  Well, now you do.  


  1. your tree is pretty a-mazing. and you know what's even better is that i totally get to see it in person on friday! BOO-YA!

    is that an ornament as your topper?? i'm in need of a good topper

  2. it looks great!! :)
    and umm...by the way....i saw little alex earlier today. can we please talk about how freakin adorable that little girl is?!

  3. I love your tree! I can't wait to see it in person.

  4. I spy THE PURSE ORNAMENT!!! Can't wait to hang with the ghis in the Wood on Friday!!!

  5. I thought I posted yesterday, but I obviously did something wrong. LOVE your tree!! Can't wait to come and bask in its gloriousness. Also, I am very happy with your artsy tilted photography. You go, Girl.