Grateful for Pictures, Part 1

I love pictures.  I love them love them love them.  Friday and Saturday's gratitude will focus on family pictures that I'm grateful for.  And maybe a little anecdote about each one. 

1.  (Kind of) Annual Christmas Card Picture.  Me, the sisters, the brother in law, the steps.  Sometimes there's a cat in there too.  And some dogs.  Sometimes we just sit in a canoe by a lake and tilt our heads. 

2.  Me and Jennifer, hanging out in Dad's closet. 

3.  Me, Mom, and Chick at mom's, um, 29th surprise birthday party.  They dressed her up like a floozy and took her out to dinner in a limo.  Love it.  

 4.  This ones a classic - many members of my family have this framed somewhere.  Me and the sisters with Foxey's puppies.  There was one girl pup out of the litter - Jennifer ALWAYS got to play with her because, well, she was the oldest.  I guess in strange oldest sibling law, you are entitled to pose with the dog of your choosing, all the time. Two of the poor dogs seemed to always end up shoved in Chick's stroller. 

5. Me, Jen, and Dad stretching. One of my faves EVER!

I am grateful for these pictures and the memories they hold!

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